The Stamford Osteopathic Clinic

Our team at the Stamford Osteopathic Clinic strive to alleviate pain and discomfort by making treatment available to all.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis and lock-down we have continued to serve our community, offering free online, telehealth consultations to all those who needed our expertise and help.

We have now put additional procedures in place to help us all stay safe and reduce risk. We are now able to offer face-to-face consultations and treatment.

Please call 01780 239667 and your needs will be assessed by one of our osteopaths. This will allow us to decide if it is appropriate for you to come in for treatment. If you are offered a face-to-face consultation, please make sure you read the information and complete the forms on the Covid-19 button below.


Covid 19
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Our main web site is currently under review and will return in the near future.
Please call the clinic on 01780 239667 and leave us a message if you require further information.
Thank you.