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  Osteopathy for Cyclists
Predominately cyclists present to us with neck, shoulder, back and leg pain. These can arise from postural changes that have to be made to the body in order to adapt to the demands of this activity.Cyclists can experience bouts of pain during and after carrying out this activity.

The reverse spinal curves imposed on the low back and the extreme extension of the neck may contribute to pain experienced in these areas during and after cycling.

Moreover, postural strains made by the body to adapt to maintain a cycling posture can lead to pain and inability of the cyclist to cycle for long periods of time.
Other problems that present to us include those of the knees and hips. The demands of an imbalanced musculoskeletal system in this area can lead to pain and inability of the cyclist to achieve peak performance. Osteopaths work with their hands to reduce this imbalance.
Osteopaths experienced with this type of sporting activity can diagnose and treat to allowing the cyclist a more comfortable experience. This should allow the cyclist to continue to train and compete in a safe manner.
A bike that is not set up for the cyclist’s body morphology (body shape, body structure and size) may cause more problems for the patient. These problems may only appear over a long period of time as the body fails to adapt to these demands. Poor bike alignment can also cause strains to various parts of the body that may present to us as pain. Osteopaths are able to understand what is happening to your body and are trained to spot these postural adaptation patterns and remove them. They may also suggest changes to your cycling posture or bike alignment that may help, as well as prescribe you exercises and, or changes to your training programme which will allow you to cycle optimally.

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