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 Osteopathy for Dancers

We are pleased to announce that Susan Nicholson,  a highly  experienced and qualified local Osteopath is able to provide us with a Injury Diagnostic Service – Free of Charge for all members of the Welland School of Dance, Stamford, Emily Redding Dance School, Oakham and Spalding School of Dance, Spalding.
This service will provide dancers with a one off free assessment for their musculo-skeletal injuries.
Susan has a great deal of experience working with dancers on a daily basis both here and in London where she has treated dancers from Convent Garden and the West End.  Moreover, Susan’s work at QMC Hospital, Nottingham where she attained her Spinal Fellowship puts her best placed to diagnose and treat spinal injuries as well.
Susan also works along side her osteopathic colleagues who are also able to diagnoses and treat dancers’ problems at the Clinic.
This will allow dancers to attain immediate diagnosis of their injury. The dancers will attain a better understanding of their problem and be able to treat and help resolve it in the most effective way. This will allow the dancers to recover from their injuries in the quickest way possible and therefore return to their dance. The benefits they will gain will also help them long term in their dancing careers.
Consultations will be held at the Stamford Osteopathic Clinic on a designated clinic. It is envisaged that this service will take approximately 30 mins per consultation. A detailed case history will be taken along with an examination of the problematic area. This will be followed up with a diagnosis of the problem and recommendations regarding the best way forward to resolve the dancers problem.

Main Street, Great Casterton, Nr. Stamford. PE9 4AA    Tel. : 01780 239667