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Osteopathy for the Older Patient

One can have osteopathy whatever your age. Our eldest patient is currently 98 years of age!

Being older does not mean you cannot experience good mobility, good health and good quality of life. Even patients with complex health pathologies and, or osteoarthritic changes in their joints, can attain improved mobility and joint function, and in turn, improve their quality of life. Osteopaths can use very gentle osteopathic techniques in order to get you better. We have many patients who are osteopenic or osteoparotic and are able to improve their overall mobility, decrease their pain and reduce or eliminate their pain medication.

Aches and Pains:

These can arise from simply being too stiff as your mobility is reduced gradually over time. Osteopaths help to improve the mobility of your body helping you to improve your overall well being as well as reducing your pain and discomfort.

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia:

We are trained to treat patients who have osteopenia or osteoporosis with specially developed and gentle osteopathic techniques. These will improve mobility, function and reduce or eliminate your pain.


We have many older patients who use our skills extensively to get them moving and reduce their pain. We have many patients who present to us with swollen osteoarthritic joints. It is surprising the changes that we make and allow more movement and less pain for these individuals.

Osteopaths work with you to achieve your aims. They are qualified to give you advice as to the best way forward for you and your problems. They can prescribe exercise programmes, lifestyle changes and orthoses/orthotics, appropriate for you, in order for you to help yourself.

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