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  Osteopathy for Runners

Runners present at our clinic with a range of problems. The most common presentations being leg (ankles, knees and hips) pelvis and back problems. Symptoms in the legs can range from tendinopathies such as Achilles problems, hamstrings and patella (knee caps) issues. Fascial and bursitis problems such as plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis etc., are also a cause for concern for the runner.
The runner may have ankle, foot, knee, hip and, or low back pain stemming from poor running technique, posture, inappropriate muscle imbalance of the legs and pelvis. In addition, problems may arise from poor foot function or mechanics as well as inappropriate footwear.
Runners aches and pains may arise from poor technique, inappropriate balance of the soft tissues/muscles around the joints of the legs, pelvis and low back, as well as poor shock absorbency from a stiff foot. It is possible that this in turn left unchecked may lead to an asymmetric wearing of the joints of the knees, hips and low back. These structures may also be subjected to the excess translation of load from foot/heel strike that should have been dissipated in the foot structures and not transferred to the knee and hip and low back joints and subsequently causing them to have issues.

Osteopaths are able to assess your body structures and treat you appropriately using osteopathic techniques designed for these problems. This should help remove strain patterns and tension in these structures that may have caused your pain and presentation to us.

Osteopaths also trained to look at your footwear and recommend appropriate measures to ensure your running shoes are optimum for the performance level you are seeking.

Here at the Stamford Osteopathic Clinic we are able to watch your running style on our in-house treadmill. From this we can work out which part of your running gait is the problem and suggest changes that you can make in order to resolve your problems as quickly as possible. Moreover, from our osteopathic analysis of this, together with the normal movement ranges of your body we are able to suggest the necessary changes that you need to make to help your musculoskeletal system work as best as it can. In addition, there may be other lifestyle changes that we may suggest, helping you achieve your aims and remain symptom free.

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