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Stamford Osteopathic Clinic - Our Story

In 2000 Susan Nicholson established the Stamford Osteopathic Clinic to provide osteopathic healthcare to the local community. She used her love of learning to develop her clinical skills and her ability to treat an immense array of problems by carrying out thousands of hours of continual professional development in the form of courses, seminars, webinars, fellowships to name but a few. Over the years she has worked tirelessly for the clinic, the community and the osteopathic profession as a whole generating hours of experience, imparting her knowledge and making people better. During these years she spent hundreds of hours working with our professional institutions to help support their activities and develop our profession.

Due to the natural expansion of the clinic it was soon evident that a more suitable premises within which to grow the established practice and establish the centre of clinical excellence and research that Susan had always envisaged. Thus providing osteopathic healthcare for all, and generating data that the osteopathic profession could use long term.

At 5am one icy winter’s morning and on her commute to theatre in QMC hospital, Nottingham, where she was studying for her Spinal Fellowship, she came across ‘The Plough Inn’, Great Casterton. One year later the property was purchased and after 3 years of hard labour and the subsequent removal of several hundred tonnes of rubble by herself, husband, and children, the building stood as a skeleton of its former self. However, she could now see the clinic she had envisaged before her. Moreover, thanks to the fantastic work of a local builder and his team of trusted craftsmen, the clinic took shape and the Stamford Osteopathic Clinic moved into its new location within a year, in September 2018.

Once in the new location, Susan then could start on making plans to expand and provide her vision of healthcare:

“Providing osteopathic treatment to all members of our society, allowing them to have a life free of pain and pain medication.”

The early period in our new location allowed time for the clinic to evolve naturally and establish itself as providing a reliable source of effective osteopathic healthcare. In addition, it has been able to provide low-cost pain-relieving osteopathic treatment to members of the community that would otherwise not be able to afford it.

It is also envisaged that this centre provides a research venue for our profession contributing to the generation of robust data sets that will provide the osteopathic profession with evidence-based osteopathy.

As a result of Susan’s own experience in the osteopathic profession, the centre now offers a Graduate Training Programme to help new graduates establish their careers.

Susan envisaged providing this programme for some years and has formulated a package of mentoring and development that will allow new graduates or osteopaths early on in their career up to 5 years post graduation to embark upon a 1-2 year programme that will allow them to build upon their clinical skills in a supportive and exciting clinical environment. Please call the centre for more information.

The passionate tireless work that has been carried out so far has provided us and our community with a centre capable of meeting its needs as a centre of excellence for osteopathic healthcare.

Below are just a few photographs taken during the refurbishment process:

Main Street, Great Casterton, Nr. Stamford. PE9 4AA    Tel. : 01780 239667