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Strength and Conditioning Programme for Patients

As part of the Stamford Osteopathic Clinicís ongoing aim to provide patients with optimum osteopathic healthcare, we have devised Strength and Conditioning programmes for our patients who undergo an osteopathic care treatment plan in order to resolve their musculo-skeletal problems.

It is envisaged that patients presenting to us with aches, pains and problems with their musculo-skeletal system, will undergo their osteopathic programme of treatments in order to best resolve their problem. When it is appropriate the osteopath in charge of their patientsí care may prescribe them eligibility access to the free strength and conditioning programme of exercises devised specifically for eac patient. This will be carried out in a separate session here at our clinic by a practitioner who is qualified to carry this out. This service will be free of charge and the only requirement if that you adhere to the prescription of advice that is given by the team involved in your care. These sessions will be tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual patient, whether you are a sporty teenager, and elite athlete, an osteo-porotic older patient or an elder in their 90ís wanting to keep active and mobile.

Please call us to discuss the nature of this programme of rehabilitation for you.

Main Street, Great Casterton, Nr. Stamford. PE9 4AA    Tel. : 01780 239667