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Stamford Osteopathic Clinic - Our Team

Steve Miller - Osteopath:

Steve has been in osteopathic practice for over 27 years. He has a wealth of experience in treating all types of problems and focuses his work of adults and older children from the age of 5 years upwards. He is able to draw on the vast knowledge that he has attained over the years. Steve, has great experience in looking at the whole of the body and analyses how its various parts contribute to the problems that the patient presents with.

Steve also has a passion for the natural world and that includes his love of animals. In the future Steve hopes to attain the formal qualification of the diploma in animal osteopathy.

Prior to attaining his degree in Osteopathy, he attained his degree in Mechanical Engineering and then went on to work in the London Stock Exchange. Then at 23 years of age he put himself through the 6-year degree in Osteopathy.

Steve spends much of his spare time looking after his menagerie of animals. Although Steve can treat animal using osteopathy, he is looking forward to being able to get the time to treat them alongside his current patients list more frequently in the future.

Steve spent much of his earlier years mountaineering, skiing, and climbing as well as running and other general keeping fit activities. He is truly knowledgeable in these areas and can advise his patients in the many exercise programmes that they have been advised to carry out.

Steve has a long-term fascination with the martial arts and currently practices Akido. He was awarded his Black belt, 1st Dan in 2015 and is an instructor at the Spalding Aikido club.

Due to these activities Steve has gained a wealth of expertise in the field of sporting injuries, their diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, Steve enjoys this type of work and relishes the chance to support his patients during their treatment with him and in their rehabilitation programme that he will devise for their return to their activity post injury.

Steveís other main passion is for Natural Horsemanship. He specialises in ĎLibertyí work with the horse, in which the human remains on the ground and guides the horse with ropes or other tack. This is achieved by the strong social bond that the human has with the horse, enabling subtle communication to be used to communicate and direct the horse.

Steve lives near Holbech with his partner where they have a small holding and many animals (currently 5 horses, 5 dogs, chickens, cats, and the numbers continue to grow as and when these animals seem to appear in their lives!). Recently, Steve has been blessed with a recent addition of a foal which helps him unwind after the end of a busy day treating patients.


Alan Gould Ė Osteopath:

Alan qualified from the European School of Osteopathy in 2014, with his Masterís degree in osteopathy. Prior to his degree Alan studied Lifestyle Medicine in Scotland, attaining his diploma in Naturopathic Medicine at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Edinburgh. This allowed Alan to gain further knowledge in nutrition in a more formal and structured way

After graduation Alan went to work in Germany and worked in a busy clinic in Munich. Whilst he was in Germany Alan worked alongside other therapists collaborating with them in disciplines such as yoga, gyrotonics and other fitness professionals in order to devise the optimum exercise programmes for his patients. During this period and whilst running a busy clinic, Alan used his time effectively and became proficient in German.

Alan returned to the UK, in order to work in a busy practice that would allow him develop and grow as an osteopath.

Alanís openness and willingness to learn allows him to seek the best way forward for his patients on the path to becoming healthier. Alan treats all patients (from babies to the elderly) and all types problems in his clinic. He uses all types of osteopathic techniques to help his patients get better. Alan may use cranial skills that he learned as an undergraduate and developed in his formative years in clinical practice to help resolve complex multi system problems. Using cranial techniques allows Alan to treat babies and small children too. Alan enjoys both treating patients to get them better as well as recommending lifestyle changes that will benefit their health and well being as well as their presenting problem.

Prior to his career as an osteopath, Alan was a professional chef and travelled the world working in many of the top restaurants around the globe. As many patients can bear testament, Alan is passionate about good quality, local, natural and unprocessed food. He uses his passion and knowledge of cookery and nutrition he gained at the Naturopathic college in Edinburgh, to good use in the clinic. With this knowledge Alan empowers his patients with recommendations and nutritional advice that allows patients to take control of their lifestyles to benefit their health.

Outside of work Alan loves outdoor pursuits and the natural world. He is passionate about our environment and the effect that we as humans have on it. In his spare time Alan engages himself in craftwork: basket weaving, knife making, leatherwork. More recently, Alan spends one day a week learning the art and craft of Blacksmithing with a Blacksmith at a local forge. He has made some incredible tools and intends to make more items ready for his ecological self built home that he is planning to build for himself in the future.

Alan loves to spend time hillwalking, cycling, camping, and canoeing. He has been on many expeditions and loves nothing better than taking off to the hills and using his bush craft skills to survive a few nights in the wilderness.




Viraj Gopaul - Osteopath:

Viraj is a highly experienced member of our team. He qualified as an osteopathy in 1992 from the European School of Osteopathy. He has over 27 years in clinical practice and has amassed a wealth of experience treating all types of patients and using all manner of treatment modalities (techniques). His skills within the Cranial field allow him to address all manner of complex problems with some of the gentlest of osteopathic treatments. However, as with all osteopaths in the practice he uses all manner of treatment techniques to help resolve patientsí problems. Viraj treats all ages of patents from day old babies to the elderly.

Over his lengthy career, Viraj has held numerous teaching posts. He was Clinic Tutor at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, London and Cranial Anatomy Lecturer at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. In both roles he enjoyed interacting with students and imparting his knowledge to them as well as being challenged about his understanding of anatomy and osteopathy.

Viraj has had a successful career in both private and public sectors and continues to work as an osteopath as well as having a successful career establishing and owning several care homes. In this role he has worked in social services and with the local health boards in order to provide the best healthcare for his residents. During this time he was awarded the Registered

Managerís Award as defined by the Care Commissioners in order to operate care homes safely, effectively and providing the best environment for his residents.

Whist being an extremely busy osteopath Viraj continues his love of project managing and business development by continuing to work on several property developments that he has.

Viraj was born in the UK but has family in Mauritius. He enjoys a challenge and relishes hard work.

Viraj has a busy home life, however when he has time and not working Viraj likes to keep fit by running regularly. He appreciates and takes in the natural world around him whenever he can. He is a keen pilot and in 1987 attained his Private Pilotís licence.


Susan Nicholson - Osteopath:

Susan has worked as an osteopath for over 22 years. She works with all types of problems that will present in clinic and all ages of patients. She uses all types of techniques that osteopaths use in order to get her patients better. She loves to learn and the more complex problem the better. She established the Stamford Osteopathic Clinic in 2000 and has worked tirelessly building this clinicís reputation for clinical excellence. She has work hard and produced the renowned centre that it is today. Since qualification as an osteopath, she has worked continuously throughout her career, participating in key professional development projects for the British Schools of Osteopathy, General Osteopathic Council, Institute of Osteopaths, and the National Centre for Osteopathic research. Throughout her career Susan has helped generate data for our profession that gives further credence to our osteopathic work. Her work in the NHS produced a robust data set that provided further evidence of the benefits of osteopathy over the types of treatment currently being offered in the NHS setting for patients with spinal pain.

After a long period in academia and after attaining her PhD in Chemistry, funded by the US Government, Susan ventured into a career in Industry where she headed up the Research and Development Group for an American Corporation. Following on from this Susan decided to return to her initial career of interest, Lifestyle Medicine and decided to study Osteopathy. She attained her degree from the British School of Osteopathy in London. Soon after graduation she set up the Stamford Osteopathic Clinic with the view to establishing a centre of excellence of osteopathy and research.

More recently Susan was awarded the chance to carry out further learning and study in an NHS setting and was given the chance to attain a Surgical and Osteopathic Spinal Fellowship, at QMC Hospital, Nottingham. It was there where she gained knowledge in all Spinal, MSK and Orthopaedic activities at the hospital. These involved - Surgical procedures for all spinal surgical techniques ( in theatre), Spinal injections, Sports Injuries, Radiology, Research. From her time working within this NHS hospital she gained and immense hands on knowledge of the best treatments for complex spinal problems, and the complications that arise when patients undergo spinal surgery and injection therapy. This allows Susan to be able to treat complex spinal problems with great success.

It was during that time that she got involved in generating data to demonstrate the benefits of osteopathy over other treatment modalities available to patients with spinal pain (i.e. comparing the results of treatment with osteopathy with the treatment outcomes for the use of drugs, surgery, physiotherapy and spinal injections).

Susan continues to work to provide the osteopathic profession with the data it requires to establish itself as an evidence-based profession.

When Susan gets any free time, she likes nothing better than being on a steep and icy slope in the mountains at -30 C! She is a qualified ski instructor. In between times in the mountains, she hill walks when she can, cycles, runs, keeps bees and rides her motorbike.


Joanna Foxall - Osteopath:

M.Ost (Masters in Osteopathy)

Joanna graduated from Swansea University with a First Class Masterís Degree in Osteopathy after 4 years full time study. During her time at Swansea, Joanna worked in both the NHS in a musculoskeletal care and assessment unit within the AMBU health board and within a private healthcare clinic. Joanna is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

Joanna enjoys treating patients of all ages with a combination of techniques to treat a wide range of conditions, injuries and general aches and pains. Her interests include treating fibromyalgia patients to aid reduction in pain and improve overall quality of life.

Joanna can provide nutritional advise within a patients management plan to give suggested dietry changes to help alleviate and manage symptoms of certain conditions. Improved diet can result in a reduction of imflamation in joints and tissues which in turn improves overall health and helps in the healing process.

Rosie Douglas - Midwife and feeding specialist:

I am a NMC registered, degree educated midwife with more than 30 years expertise in midwifery practice. For the last 20 years I have worked with families in the community setting providing evidence based high quality continuity of care. I currently work as a midwife in the hospital and community setting.

I am passionate about the emotional and physical well-being of women and their babies. I firmly believe that evidenced based, quality care can enhance health and enables women to have a happy healthy pregnancy/birth experience.

I can support you with feeding issues, offer advice during pregnancy and also following your birth. I am able to work in collaboration with my Osteopathic and NHS Midwifery colleagues promoting the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby.


Sara Branch - Massage Therapist:

Sara Branch is an experienced massage therapist, with an interest in how treatment can help sports performance and recovery and the general benefits of massage for posture, stress, pain relief, tension and sleep.

ďI have been having massage therapy with Sara for almost a year and her skill and expertise has made a big difference to my sport, mobility and also general wellbeing"

Registered member of the Massage Training Institute (MTI)

Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy MTI (Level 4)

Indian Head Massage MTI (Level 3)

Registered Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council


Main Street, Great Casterton, Nr. Stamford. PE9 4AA     Tel. : 01780 239667