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Stamford Osteopathic Clinic

What do we Do

Listen to you.

Ask you questions about your problem you want us to help you with.

Consider the information you have given us.

Examine the problem area as well as other areas that might be involved with your problem.

Consider all the information attained from the examination.

Diagnose your problem.

Treat you with our hands.

Help with your pain.

Improve your mobility and well-being.

Reduce Stiffness.

Advise on changes to lifestyle to help maintain better health.

And maybe give you exercises to help the problem from returning.

Who do we Treat?




The Older Patient

Strength and Conditioning

Babies, Children
and Teenagers

Pregnancy related issues

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In our clinic we do have the skills and experience to treat everybody from new-borns to the elderly. Our youngest patient has been 1 day old our eldest has been 98 years old.

As osteopaths we know in great detail about the anatomy of the body. We know your symptoms must be a result of some part of your anatomy, so we work hard to understand what part of your body is causing your problems. We subsequently go on to diagnose your problem, treat you and resolve your problems.

What do we Treat?

Ear, Nose, Throat, Voice & Jaw Problems.

Spinal Pain - Neck, upper & lower back, leg pain referred from the spine.

Pelvic Pain - Pains can be produced as a result of pelvis, low back and hip issues.

Hip Problems - Childhood, pregnancy, sporting activities and in the ageing.

Shoulder Pain - Sports injuries, trauma, frozen shoulder issues, problems arrising from the rotator cuff, tendinopathy, rib and thorax pain.

Leg & Arm Pain - Problems of the hands, wrists, elbows, feet, and ankles.

Sporting and Repetitive Strains.

Postural and Ergonomic Problems - Deskwork, sitting posture, computing.

Children & Babies - Unsettled, feeding and digestive issues.

Work Strains desk office, driving aches and pains. Posture related problems.

Sporting Injuries Professional or Amateur, Dancers, Cyclists, Runners and Horse Riders can all be helped with osteopathy.

Joint Pains Spines, Necks, Shoulders, Hands, Elbows, Wrists, Feet, Knees, Hips and Ankles

Muscular problems Effects of Fibromyalgia, sporting muscle strains.

Pregnancy, Feeding and Postural related issues. Back pain, Shoulder, Neck, Pelvic alignment issues.

Ageing problems Posture, effects of wear and tear in joints, hips, knees, spines, hands.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Strengthening and conditioning exercises.

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