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Stamford Osteopathic Clinic - About Osteopathy

"Your Health in Our Hands"

Osteopaths work with their hands, both to diagnose and treat problems. They use their clinical knowledge together with their highly skilled sense of touch to diagnose to treat their patients. This allows them to resolve the problems that cause you pain, discomfort, and immobility.

Osteopaths are highly trained and skilled at using osteopathic techniques to reduce and eradicate pain and discomfort, improve mobility, and restore a healthier state to the body. Their work can allow you to significantly reduce if not eliminate your pain-relieving medication.

Osteopaths undergo rigorous training and examinations, and have to study for a minimum of 4 years full time in order to attain their degrees. Osteopathy is a regulated medical profession and is recognised by NHS England as an Allied Health Profession.

The osteopathic profession is a highly regulated profession and the General Osteopathic Council helps safeguard the professional standards of clinical practice within our profession.

Osteopaths are skilled at determining why health problems arise in the body.  They consider your whole body and the effects that various stresses and the injuries that you may have had over your life, contribute to the problems you have presented with. Osteopaths use a range of techniques in order to treat you. They can treat all ages of patients, from babies to the elderly. They are trained to treat all types of problems from sports injuries, sporting performance, post-operative rehabilitative issues, joint wear problems, babies and feeding problems, growing issues and teenage problems, spinal issues, necks, headaches, facial pain, shoulders and backs, to name just a few.

Our osteopaths are often able to help many patients that have tried other types of treatment in order to resolve their problems.

Diagnosis involves taking your detailed case history, undertaking a thorough physical examination of the parts of your body that might be contributing to your problems and explain why this may be occuring, (noting posture and movements as well as carrying out other tests such as reflexes and other neurological examination etc.). We will always discuss our findings with you. We may advise that you have further tests done in order to fully understand your problems and what the best course of treatment may be for you. We may therefore refer you for further appropriate tests such as MRI scans, Xray imaging and Ultra sounds as well as blood tests as well as other checks, take your blood pressure and listen to your heart and lungs.

Once the osteopath has discovered the reason for your problem and it is indicated that osteopathy will help. Osteopaths will then treat you accordingly and with your consent. You may remain clothed (it would help us if you would wear loose clothes on your visit) when we examine and treat you.

No patients are excluded from having osteopathic treatment at our clinic, as we are able to use many different techniques that enable us to provide excellent care to you. We may use more gentle techniques on certain problems, conditions and patients, or more stronger techniques on patients who require this approach in order to resolve their problem. We are trained to use the most appropriate, specific techniques on all kinds of patients (from babies to the elderly, the DIY ers to professional athletes) in order to provide the most effective and safe treatment and get you better. We treat patients with complex pathologies as well as the ones with simple low back pain.

In some cases we may use a Cranial approach to osteopathy, which despite its name, is a whole body approach that can be described as both a science and an art. Treatment is gentle, yet effective, and assists the body in returning to a healthy functioning state as well as relieving symptoms.          

Osteopaths not only are able to diagnose and treat conditions, but they are trained to help you make lifestyle changes to benefit your health. They will recommend exercises, dietary changes and help in your understanding of what causes your problem in order to prevent these problems from reoccurring in the future.

If you are unsure whether osteopathy is suitable for you give us a call for our advice before you make an appointment.

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